Due to COVID-19, beCause Parties will ONLY be providing BIRTHDAY BOXES at this time.

These include fun party decor, gifts, cake supplies, and more!


Do you know a child who is in need of a life-changing, super fun birthday?


Honorary birthday kids are chosen through an application process.


Here are some of our guidelines:

To greatly impact the lives of children who truly cannot afford the youthful right of experiencing a day of joy centered around them, kids that receive a party from beCause Parties must be living with a family or guardian who's income is at or below the State of Maryland's poverty line. They must also be affiliated with a legitimate agency or organization that can verify the financial standing of the child and their immediate family or guardian.


These agencies and organizations include the child's school, shelter, religious institution, social work center, etc.

To help raise awareness regarding our organization and supplies for the child's party, the birthday child and their family must be comfortable with and agree to their story and likeness being featured publically, such as in the news media, social media, etc.


Should the potential birthday kid meet our requirements for consideration, their representing agency or organization may nominate the child by assisting the family in completing the application and sending it to us.

It is with that application sent ONLY from the representing agency or organization that the birthday kid is considered.

At this time, we will only accept applications from kids who are turning 5-16. This means kids who are currently ages 4-15 may apply!

To ensure the best party possible, applications must reach us at least SIX months prior to the child's birthdate or desired party date!

At this time, we are limited in the number of birthday parties we are able to provide each year. We encourage birthday kids to reapply each year.

If you are an agency or organization interested in nominating a child for a birthday party, please reach out to us on our Contact Page and we will send you the application in digital form.

We can't wait to ​hear from you!