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Fashionable Giving


Ever Worn a Brand New Pair of Shoes, a Fitted Tux or Beautiful Dress?

Everyday has a Cause for Celebration! Sometimes, You Want to Feel a Little Extra Special!

beCause  Whether it's a Birthday, Prom, Graduation, Wedding or Even Job Interview

What You Wear Can Spark Your Empowerment & Celebratory Spirit Even More!

We Now Accept Gently-Loved or New Special Event Clothing Items for All Shapes & Sizes!

Items We Need:

Prom Gowns



Crowns & Costumes

Formal Dresses


New Socks

New Undershirts

Formal Coats

New Underwear

Formal Shoes

Wedding Gowns & Accessories


Feel Free to Donate Monetarily



Gift Items Directly, Click Here!

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* Though We Believe Every Day is Cause for Dressing in a Celebratory Spirit, We Have Limited Space & Are Currently Not Accepting Every Day Attire. Please Reach Out to A Fabulous Organization in Your Area! *

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