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Home Decor Giving

Your Home Can Make a HUGE Impact on Your Overall Health & Lifelong Success!

Home Decor can Naturally Help You to Feel More Excited, Grounded, Social, Peaceful, Accomplished, Organized, Present, Empowered, Successful, Celebratory & at HOME!

So, in Celebrating the Importance of Home,

We Have Expanded Our Giving through Home Decor!


beCause Everyone Deserves to Live in a Space that Feels Safe, Comforting & Uplifting! Home Decor Can Do That!

This is Vital.


Through these items, our goal is to help families in-need rise higher by feeling more grounded, empowered, house proud & social

by living in a welcoming environment that belongs to them.


We accept GENTLY-LOVED & NEW Home Decor Items Year-Round, including

Home Decor Items of Any Size






Bathroom Supplies

Wall Art


Lawn & Outdoor Items

Washing Machines & Dryers



Feel free to donate monetarily here & here to ask how to gift items directly!

We Gave Almost $2500 in Home Decor Items in 2020-2021

to Children & Families In-Need!

Our goal each time is to give thoughtfully curated decor collections that help set a positive tone for our recipients!


Will YOU help us Give the Gift of Empowerment?

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